STS-51L – Challenger

28 January 1986, 11:38:00 a.m. (EST): The Space Shuttle Challenger (OV-099) lifted off from Launch Complex 39B at the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida, on Mission STS-51L

73 seconds after liftoff, Challenger was accelerating through Mach 1.62 at approximately 46,000 feet (14,000 meters) when it was destroyed by the explosion of its liquid hydrogen fuel tank.

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STS-51L Crew (l-r): Payload Specialists Christa McAuliffe and Gregory B. Jarvis, Mission Specialist Judith A. Resnik, Commander Francis R. Scobee, Mission Specialist Ronald E. McNair, Pilot Michael J. Smith, Mission Specialist Ellison S. Onizuka.
Credits: NASA